Instructions for Abstracts

  • Applicants should indicate oral and/or poster presentation on their submission.
  • Abstracts should be self-contained on a single page and not more than 500 words either as a Word document or as a scanned pdf.
  • Use a short, informative title in block capital letters.
  • List names of authors (surname first) beginning with the presenting author. Follow with name(s) of institution(s) and location.
  • Describe briefly the objectives of the study, unless they are self-evident from the title.
  • Include a brief description of method(s) if pertinent.
  • Describe results in sufficient detail to support conclusions.
  • End the abstract with a conclusion.
  • Abstracts should be self-contained on a single side of A4, suitable for reproduction in the delegate conference packs and for publication in the Journal of Pharmacoepidemiology and Drug Safety